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Meet Heather Rose

Hi there! My name is Heather Rose. But you can just call me Heather.

I am a usability expert, design guru, positive manager, great listener, the best wife ;-), and a snuggler for my 2 little fur-babies. I love the outdoors, the fall (and the spring, summer, and winter) and I enjoy a good steak every now and then!

I consider myself an amazing usability expert and a manager who's positivity is unrivaled. I've been told these things from my peers as well! With those two roles combined, I am well-versed in overseeing the development of the UI and also mentoring individuals who report to me directly. One thing I really focus on when it comes to management is finding those unique gifts and talents members of the team have which they themselves do not know about yet. I love helping them to cultivate those skills. From there getting team feedback and contributions on a cohesive user experience is easy!

In my current role, I manage a team of developers, but also, and this is pretty unique to me, I oversee the entire vision for the user interface and experience for our proprietary application across all 4 development teams. During my time here, I also manage much of our budget, handling all the vendor setup and billing for our team and take an active role in the preparation for our annual budget submission too. In addition to my management duties, I had my hands directly in the code, performing much of the same duties as a traditional full-stack developer would. I lead user-centered discussions with the team, so the whole team can have input on what our product “looks” like. These are just a few highlights from my time here. I can discuss all of my career successes in detail with you at your earliest convenience, just give me a call or send me an email.

So where do I see myself going and what's next for me in my career. Well, I would love to accept a Director position in either UI/UX or Software development (front-end). Based on all of my experience, in both UI and management, this is the logical next step. And my exceptional abilities to see the bigger picture, multi-task, and delegate appropriately makes me a supreme candidate for a role in an elevated leadership position.

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